4 Options For What to do With the House When You Divorce

Divorce is a tough thing to go through. Even the most civil divorces conjure up difficult emotions. Trying to figure out what to do with the house at such a troublesome time can really add to the stress. It’s a big asset, so it does require ample consideration. But it is possible to examine the … Continued

4 Ways Our Pre-Closing Relocation Assistance Program Can Help

Ever had a real estate transaction where the buyer provided financial help with your moving expenses? No, that doesn’t just exist in a parallel universe. But it is rare. We’re one of the only real estate investing companies around that offers a Pre-Closing Relocation Assistance Program, which means we advance some of the earnest money … Continued

4 Hidden Costs of Selling Your Home the Traditional Way

Selling a home can be expensive. But many people don’t realize just how pricey it can get. Everyone knows about the commission for the real estate agent (typically 3 – 6%) and closing costs, but there are hidden costs that can pop up, and they can get hefty. Here are four hidden costs of selling … Continued

How to Find Reputable Companies Who Buy Houses For Cash

One of the biggest misconceptions about seeking out companies who buy houses for cash when it’s time to sell your property is that you’re going to get ripped off. Although fraud is a possibility, it also occurs in traditional real estate. But scams aren’t really a present danger in the real estate investing world, at … Continued