4 Ways Our Pre-Closing Relocation Assistance Program Can Help

Ever had a real estate transaction where the buyer provided financial help with your moving expenses?

No, that doesn’t just exist in a parallel universe.

But it is rare. We’re one of the only real estate investing companies around that offers a Pre-Closing Relocation Assistance Program, which means we advance some of the earnest money deposit in escrow to cover moving and/or relocation expenses that may arise before escrow closes.

Why would we do such a thing?

Well, as long-time, professional real estate investors, we actually care about creating a transaction that’s a win-win for both parties.

We’ve also received feedback from scads of sellers over the years and know that many have trouble coming up with enough money to pay major bills, move, or secure their next home.

We want our sellers to walk away feeling super-good about selling to us, like the benefits just keep racking up.

So here are 4 ways our Pre-Closing Relocation Assistance Program can help you.

  1. Covering moving expenses.

There are a lot of logistics involved with moving. It can get really costly, especially if you’re moving far or have to move in somewhere temporarily while you’re waiting to move into your new home. Having your moving expenses covered can be a big load off.

  1.   Help with a security deposit and/or first month’s rent for a new home.

Moving into a new home isn’t cheap but our program makes it more financially feasible.

  1. Allows you to pay major bills.

Having severely late bills, taxes, mortgage, etc. piling up is downright stressful. Our program lets you exhale.

  1. Peace of mind.

We want you to sleep well after selling your home to us. Putting cash in your pocket before closing solidifies our commitment to buy your property.

Want to see if we can help you with moving or relocation costs? Fill out the form below or give us a call at (714) 699-9692.

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